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County Competition Areas & Club Codes

The Group / Area Competitions Secretaries, alongside the Competition Secretaries, are the contacts for match results. Please ensure that you make contact immediately after a match is completed. DO NOT leave it to the next day.

MENS Competition Secretary – John Godden (Tel: 01455 640117) (Email:
LADIES Competition Secretary – Dee Worger (Tel: 0116 2866121) (Email:

Group A
John Godden
Tel: 01455 640117
Group B
Jim Keogh
Tel: 01509 880908
Group C
Doug Chandler
Tel: 07944 473930
Group D
Jim Keogh
Tel: 01509 880908 

Area 1 (17 clubs)
Ann Ward
Tel: 01664 501015
Area 2 (19 clubs)
Marilyn Wheatley
Tel: 0116 2849853
Area 3 (18 clubs)
Joan Thake
Tel: 0116 2127434
Area 4 (23 clubs)
Pauline Fowkes
Tel 0116 2302847

For the purposes of Competitions, each Club has a Club Competition Code/Name and is given an Area No. 1 to 4 indicating to which Area Contact/Secretary results should be given.

Competitions Areas & Club Codes

These can all be found for each CLUB through the information A-Z, click here.