EBUA Qualified Leicestershire Umpires

We have several Umpires spread around various clubs in the County. Umpires are allocated to Middleton Cup, Balcomb Trophy, Johns and MEL matches by the English Bowls Umpires Association. If you need any help or clarification of the Rules of Bowls, please contact any of these umpires directly.  Please click here for COACHES.

County Co-ordinator

Please contact Brian if an Umpire is needed to be allocated for Middleton Cup, Johns Trophy, Balcomb Trophy, Walker Cup, Midland Counties or Middle England League matches.

Brian Bontoft (International Umpire)
Tel: 01509 502781
Email: umpiresco-ord@bowlsleicestershire.com

Umpires and Markers in Alpha Order

Barbara Adams (Regional)
Tel: 01455 290654

Caroline Bancroft-Taylor (Marker)
Tel: 0116 2993182

Maureen Crossley (National)
Tel: 0116 2864344

Pauline Dexter (Club)
Tel: 0116 2919594

Jeannie Flippance (Club) (Northants-based)
Tel: 01858 434277

Ron Forster (Regional)
Tel: 01509 561231

Brenda Gamble (Marker)
Tel: 0116 2675393

Eileen Gault (National)
Tel: 01455 611062

Graham Gibbins (International)
Tel: 01530 459560

Malcolm Griffith (National)
Tel: 0116 2913110

Jennifer Hart (National)
Tel: 0116 2773476

John Jenkins (National)
Tel: 0116 2677273

Kate Kyle (Regional)
Tel: 01509 600223

Kath McLoughlin (International)
Tel: 0116 2221765

Barbara Livermore (Notts resident)
Tel: 01559333269

Harold Palmer (National)
Tel: 0116 2695010

Barbara Parsons (Club)
Tel: 0116 2745153

Kath Rothera (Regional)
Tel: 01509 880277

Jeanette Smith (Regional)
Tel: 01455 828773

Phil Thake (International)
Tel: 0116 2127434

David Ward (National)
Tel: 01664 501015

Jacquie Watson (Regional)
Tel: 01530 481596

Alison Welsted (International)
Tel: 0116 3481474