Benevolent Funds

The Benevolent Funds originally operating under the auspices of the LBA and the LLCBA continue for the time being. The Mens Section operates as a Registered Charity and the Ladies as a Constituted Association. It is not our intention to join these together in the short term.

Mens Benevolent Fund

A Report detailing the work and support carried out throughout the year and the results of the Wade Cup fundraising match is published annually by the Benevolent Secretary and can be found in the Mens Year-book and Diary.

Can we remind all club secretaries and/or officers to advise the Benevolent Secretary of the name and details of their fellow members who may be ill or hospitalised during the year.  Annual Christmas gifts are usually shopping vouchers and emails are sent to club representatives to enable all clubs to receive them before Christmas.

The current Rules for the Fund are here...

The Secretaries Contact details are found on the CONTACT US page of this site.

Ladies Benevolent Fund

Bowls Leicestershire Ladies Fund supports club members who are unable to play due to ill health. It is run by the Honorary Benevolent Secretary, Carole Chamberlain. You may contact Carole at any time to advise her of anyone in your ladies bowls club who is in hospital for any length of time.

This fund receives contributions directly from clubs and is maintained via the Annual Triples Match. Clubs can enter more than one team in this match.  The BENEVOLENT MATCH RESULTS etc can be picked up below.

The winning triple receives the Adeline Parkinson Trophy and the runners-up win the Vesty Cup. It is also traditional that the rink with the highest shot difference are given a set of spoons donated by clubs or individuals.

The Secretaries Contact details are found on the CONTACT US page of this site.