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Trophy Sponsorship 2017

Bowls England introduced a NATIONAL SENIOR FOURS CHAMPIONSHIP for both Men and Women.  As a result, Bowls Leicestershire were tasked with funding the County Rounds of this competition and the supply of a suitable trophy to acknowledge the Winners and Runners Up who would proceed to the National Stages at Leamington.

The Central England Cooperative Society kindly offered to sponsor the purchase of all four new trophies and their repsresentatives were invited to attend our presentation events, held in September and October.

Please support our sponsors... Swanns.


Senior Fours Champions (Wymeswold) presented with
the new Trophy by Shirley Arnold (CE Cooperative) (TOP)

The Runner-Up Trophy was presented to Shepshed
representative, June Bontoft by Mr Neil Finn (Swanns Funeral Directors, Loughborough) (BELOW).

Senior Fours Champions (Goodwood) (TOP)
and Runners-Up (Thringstone) (BELOW) presented with
the new Trophies by Shirley Arnold (CE Cooperative) and Mr Neil Finn (Swanns Funeral Directors, Loughborough).

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Mens Competition Dates and Ladies Competition Dates.

County Competition Areas & Club Codes

The Group / Area Competitions Secretaries, alongside the Competition Secretaries, are the contacts for match results. Please ensure that you make contact immediately after a match is completed. DO NOT leave it to the next day.

MENS Competition Secretary – Steve Beamish (Tel: 07913 126588) (Email:
LADIES Championships Secretary – Joy Griffin (Tel: 07712 646333) (Email:
LADIES Gen Competitions Secretary – Jeanette Smith (Tel: 01455 844398) (Email:

Group A
Steve Beamish
Tel: 07913 126588
Group B
Jim Keogh
Tel: 01509 880908
Group C
Doug Chandler
Tel: 07944 473930
Group D
Jim Keogh
Tel: 01509 880908 

Area 1 (17 clubs)
Ann Ward
Tel: 01664 501015
Area 2 (19 clubs)
Marilyn Wheatley
Tel: 0116 2849853
Area 3 (18 clubs)
Joan Thake
Tel: 0116 2127434
Area 4 (23 clubs)
Pauline Fowkes
Tel 0116 2302847

For the purposes of Mens Competitions, each Club has a Club Competition Code/Name and the competitions are Open Draw split into 4 Even Groups indicating which Group Contact to telephone with results.

For the purposes of Ladies Competitions, each Club has a Club Competition Code/Name and is given an Area No. 1 to 4 indicating which Area Contact/Secretary to telephone with results.  The Area Secretary will advise opponent details when you call.

Competitions Areas & Club Codes

These can all be found for each CLUB through the information A-Z, click here.