County Administration Documents

Bowls Leicestershire Constitution, Rules & Regulations

The Constitution was amended on 13 November 2015. The Rules for the running of each of the Mens and Ladies Sections are kept up to date by the respective Management Committees. The Section Rules have to be approved by the BL Executive Board.

The Constitution is a living document and is meant to be updated on a regular basis. For Bowls Leicestershire, this is very much work-in-progress, given the recent evolution into becoming a unified body.

The County Association, Bowls England and the Law

Bowls Leicestershire does the following as required...

  • submit a copy of their Constitution and/or Rules and Regulations to Bowls England
  • forwards a list of affiliated Clubs, together with the names and addresses of the Club Contacts to the CEO of Bowls England
  • adopts Bowls England current Regulation 9 and nominates members of a DISCIPLINARY and APPEALS COMMITTEE one of which acts as chair of the committee.