BE Nationals

National Competitions

The National Competitions (rather than Championships) are run directly by Bowls England and you can pick up the draws and situation throughout the season by following this link. We recommend you go directly to the BE website.

National Championships

CONGRATULATIONS TO... Leicestershire Men
who won the 2018 Middleton Cup against Devon

In a close match Leicestershire were tied at 119 - 119 shots and beat Devon on an extra end 9 - 1 to win the Middleton Cup for the first time since 1964.

CONGRATULATIONS TO... New Lount Senior Fours,
Ron Mayne, Ross Newman, Reg Burton & Dave Simpson
who reached the Final against Wiltshire

Having played and won against... Gloucestershire (25 v 5), Derbyshire (20 v 7), Yorkshire (20 v 15),
Isle of Wight (23 v 19), the foursome met Wiltshire in the final whcih proved a game too far and they finally succombed (13 v 24).  WELL DONE, NEW LOUNT SENIORS.