Points to consider

  • Bowls is a ‘summer sport’ yet our season starts in April!
  • New Bowlers – all Clubs need them. But we do need to watch the backdoor – Is it open?
  • Very few individuals just walk through the door and ask to join – so your Club needs to publicise itself – sell your club and its facilities to the general public.
  • Do you have a plan?
  • Are you a welcoming Club?
  • Can you afford not to advertise?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • What is your catchment area? Where do your existing bowlers live – How far do they travel
  • What age group are you looking to attract?

What makes a successful Club?

The 3 V’s:

  • Vibrant – one that is active & holds events
  • Visible – through Communication with members, supporters & sponsors
  • Viable – especially now with funding under pressure – must diversify revenue streams

A welcoming Club is more than just a Sports Club

Score 1 to 10 (where 10 is excellent)

 Review your Clubs image Yes/No  Score
 Club Life is Vibrant  
 Facilities are good  
 Welcoming/Positive atmosphere  
 Good sporting experience  
 Ambitions are well communicated  
 Open communication  
 Flexible & willing to change  
 Good manners  
 Good Coaches/instructors  

Think about the experience of someone joining a new Club

  1. Decision to attend a meeting or event
  2. Seeking information about the Club
  3. Booking – to see someone
  4. Transport – to get to the club
  5. Experience received at your Club
  6. Do you make them love you and want to come back
  7. Follow up on their visit
  8. Ask / Listen to them

Do you have a Club Development plan?

If you do – brilliant!  If not, or if it is more than one year old, why not look at the Club Matters Website

Recruitment and Retention of Members

Recruitment in Clubs

Bowls Leicestershire have put together a recruitment and retention strategy. We hope you find it helpful in the clubs. Thank you particularly to the club members who helped with their comments.
Special thanks to those who have given the county some feedback on the recruitment and retention evening. If anyone would like to provide feedback on this document that will help ALL clubs, feel free to email development@bowlsleicestershire,com.