Volunteers are the backbone of Bowls Clubs. Without the time, dedication and commitment from the estimated 1000 volunteers in Leicestershire, the 83 clubs would simply not exist.

Bowls Leicestershire recognises the value of volunteers and thanks them for their contribution, as well as offering ongoing support.

Promoting Volunteers

There will always be a natural turnover of volunteers as players leave the club, so it is vital to ensure you backfill roles.

By promoting volunteering and recognising contributions at matches and social events, you will raise the profile of the importance of this dedication.

Recruiting Volunteers

One of the major tasks for an existing club is to ensure you have enough people to run the club.
There are a number of key roles, which need to be filled no matter how many members you have or regardless of how many teams you put out each week.

Supporting your Volunteers

Volunteers are a major asset and if properly managed, can make a huge contribution to the success and sustainability of your club. Some clubs are successful in attracting volunteers, but the real success story will be in supporting the volunteers to fulfil their roles to the best of their ability – and retaining their services each season.